Service Times: 9:30am
2639 Lamar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38114

Welcome To The Monument!

Our 2017 theme is "the Year of Divine Compassion"
1 Kings 5:5

"Visitors attending the Monument can expect radical hospitality from the love imparted by all members, a spirituality through praise and worship which takes you to the throne, dynamic/ inspirational preaching of God's Word that leads to its practical application, and smiling faces from people full of JOY!"

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8 Practices of Fruitful & Effective Churches


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  • To be the premier Urban Christian Ministry in the nation by preparing disciples to be persuasive witnesses of Jesus Christ through the comprehensive study of God’s word, an intense prayer life, leveraging exceptional community partners and victorious lifestyles demonstrating Jesus is the Answer!

  • The Monument is the church that loves to love with a mind for missions and ministry. We are on mission to SAVE the lost, STRENGTHEN the weak, HELP the poor, and LIVE in harmony as God’s people one with another. We must strive the EXALT the Savior, Equip the Savior, Equip the Saints, and Evangelize the Sinner.

  • 5 Yeal Goal

    1) Produced 5 Music Recordings
    2) Produced 5 Successful Businesses
    3) 2 Sunday Morning Services
    4) Financially strong
    5) Support 3 Public Schools
    6) Community Stakeholders' Ownership in the Monument
    7) 100 Conversions in 5 years. (Evangelism )
    8) Develop a Church Leadership Institute
    9) Create and Implement 10 Domains for Life Success (Discipleship)
    10) Financial Freedom University (Stewardship)

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Our Location

2639 Lamar Avenue Memphis, TN 38114

Weekly Worship Opportunities

  • Sunday Morning Prayer 8:30am
  • Sunday Morning Bible School 8:40am
  • Sunday Morning Worship 9:30am
  • Wednesday Bible Study 6:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Wednesday Choir Rehearsals 7:00pm