Pastor Derrick Joyce
Service Times: 9:30am
2639 Lamar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38114

Our Pastor

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Love and a genuine desire to help people are the driving forces behind the dedicated work of Reverend Derrick D. Joyce. Raised in a family of religious leaders, he accepted the Lord’s call to preach His Word. Reverend Joyce preached his first sermon on July 31, 1994 at Shiloh M.B. in Daytona Beach, Florida. He personifies what the Bible celebrates: the power of born-again believers to take action and transform our world.

As a young man, Rev. Joyce demonstrated his courage and wisdom by making significant strides toward closing the achievement gap among racial and ethnic groups. One of his greatest accomplishments is the opening of Tennessee’s first public charter school,  Memphis Academy of Health Sciences. The school offers urban students access to quality education and career readiness.

Rev. Joyce’s commitment to helping people goes far beyond education and his church ministry. While president of 100 Black Men of Memphis, Inc., (1999-2003), a nonprofit focused on unity, growth and purpose, Rev. Joyce established several mentoring programs for youth.

Under Rev. Joyce’s leadership, 100 Black Men of Memphis produced events such as the KidBiz Financial Literacy Conference and the Executive Shadowing Project, which affords young men and women the opportunity to shadow successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

Rev. Joyce’s courage and conviction, coupled with his humbleness and willingness to listen and learn, has made him a steadfast agent of community change and a dutiful pastor of The Monument Church.

“My spiritual goal is to be one with God’s mind, heart, and hands. I would like to hear His voice with clarity and act on His words with compassion and boldness. My mark will be that I erased suffering, inspired hope, and made people feel loved and significant.”

Senior Pastor Derrick Joyce