About Us

Monument of Love Baptist Church is a welcoming house of worship with a mind for ministry and missions. Founded in 1984, The Monument, located in Memphis, Tennessee’s Bethel Grove neighborhood, serves more than 125 members. Monument of Love demonstrates radical hospitality. The church has established meaningful partnerships throughout the city of Memphis to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the community.

“Rebirth, Re-brand, and Rebuild,” [1 Kings 5:5] is Monument’s motto. The church is passionate in its praise to God, purpose driven in its service to others, and compassionate in its fellowship with one another.


Our History

In September of 1984

at 1219 Finely Road in Memphis, Tennessee. The Reverend Lawrence O’Dell Hudson was the originating pastor. The vision of Fitzgerald Community Baptist Church, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, is that its mission be local, national and international in scope.

In September of 1988

Fitzgerald Community Baptist Church switched from the National Baptist Convention to the Southern Baptist Convention.

In December of 1995

the name of the church was changed from Fitzgerald Community Baptist Church to Monument of Love Baptist Church.

In March of 2014

the Reverend Derrick D. Joyce was voted in as the new pastor of Monument of Love Baptist Church (“The Monument”). Pastor Joyce’s visionary leadership, character, enthusiasm and passion for people represent the God commissioned Pastor to successfully champion the Monument’s mission and international fingerprint for the decades to come. His motto is “one who lives for himself is living for a dying cause.”

In April of 2014

the Reverend Lawrence O’ Dell Hudson retired after thirty years of pastoring.

Our Vision

To be the premier Urban Christian Ministry in the nation by preparing disciples to be persuasive witnesses of Jesus Christ through the comprehensive study of God’s word, an intense prayer life, leveraging exceptional community partners and victorious lifestyles demonstrating Jesus is the Answer!

Our Mission

The Monument is the church that loves to love with a mind for missions and ministry. We are on mission to SAVE the lost, STRENGTHEN the weak, HELP the poor, and LIVE in harmony as God’s people one with another. We must strive the EXALT the Savior, Equip the Savior, Equip the Saints, and Evangelize the Sinner.

20/20 Vision

1) Produce 3 Music Recordings
2) Produce 3 Successful Businesses
3) Offer 2 Sunday Morning Worship Services
4) Sustain a Financially Strong Church Balance Sheet
5) Adopt 3 Public Schools (Evangelism)
6) Host 50 Mission Teams (Missions)
7) 100 Conversions in five years (Evangelism)
8) Implement and Complete a Total Church Building Restoration.
9) Implement and Grow Transformation University (Discipleship)
10) Establish Summer Camps, After School Programs, and Adult Learning Opportunities