My Miracle, My Part
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My Miracle, My Part

St. John 6;1-11     MOL 1/4/15

Mol, here we are at the beginning of 2015. Another year lies behind us and a new year lies before us. I never make New Year resolutions – mainly because I never keep them. I start off with good intentions but that is all they ever seem to remain – good intentions.  But I do begin with my Top Ten Goals for the year and I feel grateful if I have made significant progress on my goals by the year’s end!  So I do suggest we all begin with the end in mind! (n)   So today as we, the people of God, begin a new year together I want to share with you some thoughts from the miracle feeding of the 5000.  What I want to share with you, I believe is important for us all to take on board as we begin a new year together at the Monument.  Again the little boy could have looked at his small lunch and thought – ‘No sense offering this – it is just about enough for me, but it would not satisfy this large crowd.’  But he did bring it and offered it to Jesus!  It was all he had, but he was willing to put it in the hands of Jesus.  He did his part in the miracle! 

So I stopped by to encourage us today that Jesus will provide your miracle, but he chooses to do it by using what is offered to Him! The little boy’s lunch was the means of starting the whole process.  He participated in the solution to the problem!  Mol, we must do our part in making our miracle! (g)  So there are 3 points the Lord wants us to examine today as we consider My miracle, My Part. #1 Stand Up to Your Mountain #2 Put your seed in the Hand of God #3 Say, ‘May It Be”


MOL, our 1st point today as we seek miracles in 2015 is to Stand Up to Your Mountain (2x) Please turn to Mark 11:23.  Saints, the first thing we gotta do if we want a miracle is to stand up to the bad situation we are facing!  Whatever obstacle  standing in the way of your happiness, joy, peace, prosperity in life, you must simply stand up to it and not complain about it or whine about it, but aggressively attack it!  )   Jesus talked to things, & taught that "whoever" could also speak to and stand up to their mountains!  A mountain is primarily any obstacle that stands in your way.  We are faced with obstacles in our lives.  Wouldn’t you agree, most Christians pray to God?   But Jesus told us to speak directly to the obstacle and tell it to be removed!  Unbelief keeps us from speaking to our mountains!  What is the mountain in your life?  What stands in the way of your progress?  What holds you back from going forward and fulfilling God’s plan?  Speak God’s Word to that mountain!

MOL, our 2nd point today to receive your miracle is to put your seed or gift in the Hand of God! (2x) This morning’s passage of scripture is an excellent example of what can happen and how things can be used, when we place them in the hands of God.   Besides it being a miracle, what’s the significance of Jesus taking 5 barley loaves and two fish and feeding 5,000 people?   The significance is that it illustrates for MOL, what can happen, when we place ourselves in the hands of God! (2x) What can happen when we place our family, careers, health, and money into the hands of God!    First of all, don’t think what you have is insignificant or can’t be used! You have something to offer the Monument!  You may not think so, but you do!  Use what you have as your part in your miracle!   This boy had a small lunch 5 barley loaves and two sardines. That’s not even potluck material around here, yet he was willing to place it in the hands of God!  He was willing to take his hands off of his miracle!   After you place it in the hands of God, expect something wonderful.  When you give God your barley loaves and sardines, when you give God your $50 and $200 expect something wonderful!  When you give God your pain, expect something wonderful. 


MOL, our 3rd and final point today in doing our part in making our miracle happen is having enough faith to say “May It Be” in 2015! (2x) Please turn to St. Luke 1:38.   Church, not only must we stand up and speak to our mountains.  And not only must we put our money, gifts, and talents into the hands of God.  But finally, activate miracles and positive change in our lives by aligning ourselves with God’s will by saying, “may it be.”  READ.  Saints, in this text, Mary answered by saying, "I am the Lord's servant," "May it be to me as, you have said."  Then, the angel left her.”   She understood that God wasn’t going to force a miracle or blessing upon her but she had to play her part, in her miracle so she said, “may it be”! (w)  She would even have to share the explanation to Joseph, who was not going to understand this miracle pregnancy at all!  She was going to have to risk losing Joseph in order to gain her miracle!   Saints, we can’t dictate to God how to bless us! All we can do is activate the blessing by saying “May it be!” (w)  Mol, “I’m closing now, But do you have an assignment from God, that seems impossible on the front end?  Is God calling you to trust Him for the outcome?  Take a lesson from Mary and release the outcome to God!  Jesus – He took what was offered, He raised His eyes to heaven, gave thanks to God for this provision, blessed the bread and fish – broke it and then gave it to the disciples to distribute.  By looking up to heaven, Jesus was demonstrating to the people that God was going to provide the outcome!  The miracle took place in the hands of Jesus, not the disciples.  The miracle won’t happen in your hands but in God’s hands! 

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