Platinum Pastor Sermon Summaries

Is Your Pot Cracked?

Hebrews 11:32 Mol August 3, 2014

Monument, how many of you have ever purchased a beautiful looking vase or pot? Maybe it was used to be a plant or flower container. Maybe your vases can be used as a centerpiece! Some pots have hand painted designs. Some pots have messages written on them. Some vases hold some of the most beautiful flowers and inspirations you have ever witnessed! Well, Mol God refers to us as Clay pots. And wouldn’t you agree as pots or vases, humans come in all different shapes and designs? As pots, we have different characteristics because we have different purposes in life! But because life is so unstable, life stretches us, because life throws us curve balls, we end up with a few cracks in our pots! And somebody here knows God uses flawed people like us to demonstrate his grace so that when the victory is won, he alone gets the glory!Paul said the same thing in 2 Corinthians 4:7, “Now we have this treasure in clay jars, so that this extraordinary power may be from God and not from us” Saints, that’s all we are, just clay pots, ordinary kitchenware, clay pots that are easily cracked and often broken! (n) We’re not expensive China that you buy in some high-dollar store in New York City. We’re ordinary Wal-Mart kitchenware, useful but not expensive. We’re all cracked and chipped in various places yet God in his grace uses us anyway! When you look at Gideon’s life, you don’t see a man of great faith, you see a man of weak faith whom God used greatly! It turns out that Gideon made a great military leader once he got past his fear. As long as he thought he couldn’t do it, he was right. But once faith replaced fear, he won a mighty victory for the Lord! So there are 3 points the Lord wants us to examine as we ponder the question, is your pot cracked? #1 Face the Impossible #2 Our Position equals our actions #3 Let Go, Our Last Meal.

Mol, our 1st point today as we assess ourselves and see if we have cracked pots is that we must learn to face the impossible. (2x) Please turn to Hebrews 11:29-31. What is the difference between someone people getting well and others don’t? What about why some people have financial peace and others die dead broke? Well the reason is some of us don’t have the faith to tackle the cracks in our pots! And God is looking for people who have faith He can see! Not just faith he can hear! We sometimes think that as Christians that the universe could be ordered for our convenience. It is ordered for our ultimate glory! But in the meantime, God allows us to face the impossible. It may be an incurable disease, it may be a situation where it seems that there is not let-up, there is no way out. But God specializes in things thought impossible! We must have a firm belief that the best will come in whatever shape or form God chooses to bring, but it will come. But what God is doing by giving the impossible to face is a great opportunity for his power and glory to shine through us!

Mol, our 2nd point today is that our position equals our actions! Please turn to the book of Proverbs 20:11. Wouldn’t you agree that if you took the actions to drive your car through a street full on nails, it will cause you to end up in a position with a flat tire stuck on the side of the road? What about actions of stress and emotional eating leading to a position of being overweight and more stress? Young people, the actions of cheating on test and exams in school will lead to you having under developed skills, which places you in the position of the unemployment line! (Our position in life is the result of our actions!) If we want fewer cracks in our pots we gotta change our actions! . Well, we must know that elevation, promotion, and success from the Lord, will come as our actions align with His word! We are also are called to achieve a certain position in what and how you do it. Your actions taken over several years!

Mol, our 3rd and final point today as we see the blessings of God in our lives even though we are cracked pots is we must be willing to Let Go Our Last Meal! Please turn to 1 Kings 17:12. But to live our best life now, to live victorious, we must learn to let go of a little and our last to get God’s best!! Imagine you have a need for provision and God tells you to go to the most desperate person in Memphis to get your needs met! God led Elijah to a poor widow who was on her last meal of flour. Why would God lead Elijah from one desperate situation into another? Well, God wanted to perform yet another miracle and show His faithfulness to those who needed it most. Mol, I’m closing now, but I stopped by to encourage us not to use our flaws, our cracks, our short comings as a reason to fall short of our greatness! We must use our faith to let go of our last meal like our four flawed heroes in our Hebrews text! Gideon who was afraid to answer God’s call. Barak who was so timid he needed a woman to tell him what to do! Samson who couldn’t control his emotions! Jephthah who made a foolish vow. These were seriously flawed men, yet they made the Book! They took their little last meal of faith and God used it to make a big difference!