The Good Life is Coming
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The Good Life is Coming

Genesis 18:11-14 Mol 9/21/14

Is there anybody here who wants to enjoy the good life? And I am not defining the good life as driving a brand new Chrysler 300, or living in a 10,00 square foot home with 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a 4 car garage. Men, I am not defining the good life as owning a motorcycle, boat, airplane, and being able to travel to your favorite sporting events. Women, the good life is not you wearing the latest fashion of Gucci, Michael Kors or Hermes! A good life is not a specific way of life for every person. For each person, the meaning of a good life, differs. Whatever way of life a person is comfortable and happy with counts as a good life for that person! even as we come to understand & have faith that the good Life is coming, We Must Remember That God Is Still In Charge And That God Never Changes! Sis. Herron, Our world is in the grip or hands, of the infinite, all-powerful God of the universe. Is there anybody here who knows He is in control!? He never loses track of what’s going on! He never gets confused. He never frets over decisions! He always makes the right decision, right on time!  He always knows what He will do even before the circumstances arise! God has a grip on the reins of your life and somebody here knows He is holding you even when you let go of him! So is there anything too hard for God!? SO as we examine that question today, and are encouraged that the good life is coming toward us, the Lord has 3 points he wants us to examine from today’s text. #1 Shake with the Barrel #2 Answer the question for yourself #3 Make your promise personal.

Mol, our 1st point today as we consider being encouraged and steadfast while life brings us unexpected turns and twist is we must Shake with the Barrel! In today’s text, the promise of New Life, God makes to Abraham and Sarah was definitely one that seemed impossible! We are all apples, just like Abraham and Sarah, in the barrel of life, on our way, to the grocery store of the future! And while traveling down this road of life, the barrel shakes all the time! In this barrel, are big apples, little apples, freckled apples, speckled apples, green apples, dried apples, and a whole lot of rotten apples!" Life is a constant survival of the fittest. But this shaking, is pushing every person to the place he/she fits in the barrel of life. (You are where you are supposed to be!) It is sending small people down and great people up. (I’m great) Abraham needed 25 years for the size of his faith to grow, to meet the size of his promise! Some hard times we endure, is so we can endure the blessings!  A blessing too soon may disrupt your destiny! So Bro. Slater, when Life is coming at us, we must Shake with the Barrel. But please understand, We shake right back, to the places our size determines.

Church, our 2nd point today, as we consider the good life is coming, we must Answer the question for ourselves! Well, wouldn’t you agree there have been Great Questions asked by God? We saw God ask Adam “Where are You?” He also asked, “Who told you that you were Naked?” God asked Cain“Where is, your brother?” So, in V14 the question is ask, “Is there anything too hard for God? (talking about you) Sis. Robinson, Life may be hard for you right now, but is it too hard for God? No! In today’s lesson, Sarah was barren, which meant, she couldn’t give birth. The only way that she would ever give birth, was if God touched her womb himself! Mol, Some blessings, you are not going to receive until God himself shows up, in your situation and you ask him to touch your womb! There are some itches only God can scratch! And God uses the affliction of the afflicted to set us free! Is there anything too hard for God?

Mol, our 3rd and final point as I rush on to close, you must make the promise personal! Please turn to Hebrews 11:11. Wouldn’t you agree, we can overcome most challenges in life when we make it personal? She had not heard the promise from His mouth. She had received the promises from Abraham’s mouth. MOL, most people, don’t realize is that it is our lack of hearing the Word for ourselves, and making it personal, that stops blessings in our lives! Before Sarah, could become the mother of a Nation, Life, had to come to her through some trials and tribulations, she had to grow in her faith of God, and she had to hear the voice of God. God came to her when he was ready her to give birth to the promise, not when she wanted to give birth.

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